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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sky High

"A New Class of Heroes"

It's tough being a teen.
Especially when your parents are super.
Literally, super. 
As in the bullet stopping, train out-running, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound super.
(And fly. His mom can fly.)
This is the life for 14 year old Will Stronghold.
(Cool last name, right?)
His parents are top realtors by day, and legendary super heroes, The Commander and Jet Stream, by night.
So, obviously Will's got to be pretty super himself,right?
Well, his best friend thinks so, even if he's labeled a side kick  his first day of high school. So he doesn't have his powers yet, that doesn't mean anything. It's what's inside, right?
But then he gets his powers, unintentionally acts like a jerk, 
breaks his best friend's heart, gets his dad's prized possession/ very dangerous weapon stolen, AND to top it all off, he made out with an old lady.
But no worries. 
His arch enemy, best friend, and a few other side kicks are ready to save the day.
(And did I mention Lynda Carter's in this movie?)

The movie was cute.
The kids were really funny. 
But, as typical teenagers, they didn't have the sweetest mouths.
Will takes the Lord's name in vain twice, and "sucks" is said at least three times.
Modesty wise, the movie wasn't that bad. 
I mean, for a movie about high school. Gwen wears several back revealing tops, and Jet Stream reveals waaay too much up top in her super suit.
(Seriously, you have a teenage son. Have you no shame?)
Speaking of her teenage son, child you're 14! 
What on earth are you doing kissing that much? 
Lots of kissing. 

The best part of the movie was, by far, 
Lynda Carter as Principal Powers.
She even made reference to being Wonder Woman! 
And her super power was turning into a comet. 
She's my hero. 
I love super hero movies, and out of the ones I've seen, this was the cleanest. Maybe because it's aimed at kids?
I was glad Will didn't seem to have an attitude with his parents. 
His best friend, while being madly in love with him herself, was willing to give him up if it made him happy. 
Ok, kind of... She does try to make him jealous and such, but still.. She did pretty good for a jealous female.
The movie had a strong anti-clique message which is very important for kids in public schools, I guess. 
Had it not been for the language, 
I'd have given Sky High 4 stars.
As it is though, I can only give it three.

This is the kind of movie I like to watch when I'm cleaning. 
Enough of a plot to keep me interested, but light enough so I don't have to pay attention. 
I may watch it again someday.
Have a super evening!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letters to Juliet

What if you had a second chance to find true love?

I finally watched Letters to Juliet!
I've been wanting to see this forever!
Ok, so this girl named Sophie is a fact checker in NYC,
(How cool is that job??)
but she wants to be a writer. She also has a fiancee that is a chef.But he didn't give her a ring because it wasn't really necessary and he's busy and all that. He does, however, take her to Italy with him for a pre-marriage honeymoon. 
Which turns out to be nothing but a food tasting adventure. Fun for him, not exactly romantic for her. 
So she decides to take the rest of the day off and do some site-seeing while he goes to look at mushrooms.
While exploring Verona, she finds Juliet's balcony, and discovers a pretty amazing thing.Attached to the wall are the letters of lovers desperate for the help of the Queen of Romance. Heartbreaks, confusion over which lover to pick, stuff like that.
As the day comes to a close, Sophie watches as a young woman removes the letters, places them in a basket, and walks off.
Curious, she follows the woman to the back of a restaurant, where she finds more women, hard at work replying to Juliet's letters. 
Juliet's Secretaries. 
(Ok, ok, THAT is the coolest job ever.)
Sophie befriends the secretaries, 
and they decide to include her in their work the next day. 
(Which is one reason Sophie's not exactly heartbroken when her fiancee leaves for a wine auction.)
So the next day Sophie manages to discover a letter that's somehow remained hidden for 50 years.
Claire is a heartbroken 15 year-old. She met and fell in love with Lorenzo, but because she wasn't sure what her parents would think, she ran away instead of marrying him.
Sophie writes back.
Enter Prince Harry. 
Charming. I meant charming. 
He's English, he's good looking, and he's mad.
His widowed grandmother, Claire, is quite determined to find her lost lover, Lorenzo, and it's all Sophie's fault. 
His grandmother says he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. He says he's a realist. Sophie says she's coming along to help find Lorenzo, and write the story of the century. 
Whether or not they find Lorenzo, and whether or not Sophie and Charlie happen to fall in love is something I shall not share.

I loved this movie, 
but it wasn't perfect. 
The negatives, while few in quantity, are great in quality. 
Obviously, not being a Christian film, the closest we got to God was the misuse of his name about every other word. 
And obviously the fact the Sophie and her fiancee 
(who has a name, I just don't remember it..)
are on a pre-marriage honeymoon isn't exactly family friendly. 
Lots of drinking going on, and Sophie had a thing  for low-cut dresses. 

Had it not been for all those negative, this possibly would have been my new favorite movie. 
Long lost love, Italy, ice cream fights, and stargazing..
Not to mention a fantabulous balcony seen in which Prince Charlie states that traveling daily across the ocean is impractical, so they're going to have to flip a coin.
(His is much more eloquent though.)
Unfortunately,because of the aforementioned negatives, I can only give Letters to Juliet two and a half stars.

If I ever get a dvd filter, I'd probably watch this movie again. A lot...
But until then, ciao.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Note

"There's something about the note that touches everyone."

My dad actually asked me to preview this for his ministry. 
I love Christmas dramas, so I was game!
The Note was intriguing, depressing, surprising, 
and other such things.
A devastating plane crash turns Peyton Macgruder's failing newspaper column into the paper's most popular feature, after she finds a note that seems to belong to one of the victims.
Determined to find the person the not was meant for, Macgruder takes her readers all around the country, interviewing only the surviving children of the deceased victims. Oh, and their first name must start with T.
And she's  being stalked by a big name reporter trying to steal her story. And she's being haunted by horrible memories of her husband's death and her suicide attempt, and her lost child.
Merry Christmas!

Ok, I spent the whole movie crying because I thought her suicide attempt resulted in the miscarriage of her baby, and I just wasn't able to handle that. Until the end when the serendipitous little twist makes like happy again. But still, until you learn all that, the movie's a downer. I also didn't like that the guy she ends up with is divorced. His loser of a wife left him AND turned his son against him. 
I don't blame him, I just don't like that.
I didn't notice any language.. But no subtitles = no promises. 

I liked the movie a whole lot better at the end then I did in the middle.. 
Something about it misleading me and making me very upset kind of irked me.
But I still liked the movie. It was clean, cute, and on occasion, corny. 
King was an uber flirt, and the creepy stalker dude has made me determined
 to never marry a news reporter.
The happy ending was fantabulous, and I liked all her journalistic activities. 
Newspapers have always fascinated me.
Overall I'd give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Once Upon a Mattress

No Tagline

Once upon a time 
a young Prince Dauntless was constantly courted by wannabe brides.
However, none of these fair young ladies were princess-y enough for Daunty's overbearing mother. 
"You can tell a lady by her elegant hair, 
But a genuine princess is rare."
Unfortunately, the queen's picky behavior doesn't only keep her son single, it also keeps every other young lover unwed. 
Which could be a problem for the lovely Lady Larkin 
(Played by Zooey Deschanel!!), 
and the stalwart Sir Harry.
 (Note: Not Prince Harry, Sir Harry.)
Due to a "moment of weakness", the lady is now expecting, and if they can't get married before someone notices, the couple's in some big trouble.
So Sir Harry sets off to find a real princess for Dauntless to marry. He returns with.. Well.. Fred.
Princess Winifred is from the swamps, which may explain her swimming the moat,and other such oddities. 
Needless to say, the queen is not impressed. 
"Goodbye, good luck, get out."
But Dauntless has fallen in love and insists his mother tests Princess Fred the same as all the other girls.
So she does. Well, maybe not the *exact* same way she tests the others.. 
This test involves a pea. And twenty feather mattresses. And a little cheating on both the queen and Sir Harry's part. 
(Ironically the cheating didn't change the results either way.)
And so the story goes.

While this movie had tons going for it, it also had quite a few negatives. 
Obviously the fact that Lady Larkin is pregnant out of wedlock is not really adding any positive messages.
 (Though they are trying to get married.)
The Lord's name is abused in song and speech several times.
Modesty wise, I don't think anyone ever wanted to see that much of Carol Brunette. And there are a couple other dresses as well. 
I'm not sure if others would consider this a negative.. Probably not.. But the song when Dauntless's father attempts to explain "the flowers and the bees" to his son, was, at the least, awkward to watch. 

It was a cute movie.
Some of the songs were fantabulous. 
I loved the Happily Ever After song Fred sings.
And the Shy song.
And the Normandy song Lady Larkin and Sir Harry sing. 
(Gotta love Zooey's voice.)
Lady Larkin's dress was gorgeous, and the overall story was very funny. The King may have been my favorite character. 
Over all it gets 
3 and a half stars

I think I may already own this movie.. 
Probably in the homeschool room.. Which is why it's never seen the light of day.. 
(Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Everyone has a room like that..)


The Next Great Fantasy

"That's the spirit - one part brave, three parts fool."
I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for fantasy. 
Princesses, dragons, swordplay, good beating evil..
All that jazz..
This movie all all of that and a bag of chips. 
Eragon's a farm boy. He likes being a farm boy. He also likes "sword" fighting with is cousin, and attempting to hunt. His life is simple, and while he wouldn't mind a bit of adventure,
 he's content to stay a farm boy for now.
Miles away however, a princess is fleeing for her life (From the wizard of an evil king) with an egg shaped rock tied to her back, and her guards being shot out behind her. And then she's surrounded, so she speaks Elvish to her rock. It disappears, and she's captured by the creepy wizard dude. 
Back to Eragon we go, and he finds the rock. Later, it hatches because it is indeed an egg. 
It's an adorable blue dragon. She grows up, and apparently she and Eragon can read each other's minds and therefore can communicate. Now he just has to learn to ride her.
Enter Brom; the gnarled ex-dragon rider who becomes a very dear friend to Eragon.
(Spoiler: Don't get too attached, he dies.) 
Eragon now has to find the Varden (The rebellion against the evil king) on his own.
Well, on his own along with his dragon, the newly rescued (and recently poisoned) princess, and a cute little archer named Murtagh. Once they find them they quickly are found by the evil king and there is an epic battle. The movie ends I suppose like the book does. (I've yet to read the books.)

The movie was pretty good. No language, and not really any immodesty. However, there was a whole lot of sorcery, witchcraft, and such. It seemed to be a big part of the story, and not just a side thing. It was hard to watch. 

I liked Arya. And I liked Eragon. 
I thought Durza looked like the Wormtongue guy from Lord of the Rings. Saphira was adorable as a baby, and was quite funny as an adult dragon. Had it not been for the insane amount of sorcery, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this movie. 
However because of this issue, I can only give Eragon 
3 stars out of 5.

I most likely won't be buying this movie. 
I'll most likely will read the books though, unless they're not worth it..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soul Surfer

"When you come back from a loss, beat the odds, and never say never, you find a champion."

Tonight's movie confirmed two things for me:
1. I could never be a surfer,
2. Carrie Underwood can't act.
(But her singing Blessed Be Your Name was fantabulous.)
Soul Surfer is the true story of Bethany Hamilton;
the 13-year-old surfing star whose life radically changes after a shark bites off her left arm. 
That's not going to stop Bethany, however. 
As soon as her stitches are out she's back in the water.
Between harsh competition and a heartbreaking trip to Thailand,
Bethany's whole perspective on life changes, and she learns that 
"Surfing isn't the most important thing in life. Love is."

This really was an amazing movie. 
Sweet, dramatic, heart wrenching, exciting, 
all without a single profanity or blasphemy. 
Just goes to show you don't need to add
 every word in the book to make a great movie.
However, I don't recommend it as a family movie due to the severe lack of clothing. 
Seriously, she's supposed to be 13.
 I wouldn't let my 17- year- old out in her clothes,
 let alone my 13 -year- old.
Oh, and I wasn't a big fan of her sneaking out, in the middle of the night that one time, either. 
(She does seem to be repentant of it afterwards though.)

I really did love this movie. 
I laughed, I cried, 
I really didn't like Melina.. 
But even that worked out in the end. 
The movie's main verse seemed to be Philippians 4:13, 
but in my opinion, the underlying verse was Romans 8:28.
It was an excellent film, perfect for a girls only movie party,
or some other such fun.
I give it five stars.

Currently Yaya is looking for a copy to buy. 
She likes movies too. 

Monday, August 15, 2011


This movie also lacks a tagline.

I watched Rango on Friday night. 
Normally I like to review the movie right after I see it, so I don't forget anything, but I don't think I will have to worry about that with Rango. 
Rango is about a lizard who doesn't seem to have a name or know who he is; therefore he's an actor. His only friends are a wind-up fish, a half of a naked Barbie, and a dead bug.
Through an unusual series of events, the lizard finds himself in a little town called Dirt. This is a fairly normal western town, complete with a pompous little banker, a power hungry mayor, and a cute female lizard with this weird habit of freezing up mid sentence. Rango goes into the town as a no-name, which is an advantage for him, because he can give himself any name he wants. Which he does. The name's Rango. Like Durango, without the Dur. 
With the new name comes a new past. He's the leanest, meanest gunslinger around. And the town people, eager for something to believe in during these hard times, fall for his story and dub him sheriff. Long story short, he fails. Miserably. And then he doesn't fail, saves the town, saves the girl, befriends a fellow legend, and lives happily ever after.
Along with the awesome owl Mariachi band.

This movie is not really family friendly. 
At all.
About half way through the movie I thought to myself
"I think I have been offended in every way possible. No, wait, there haven't been any gay plugs yet."
I thought too soon. 
And then there's all of the idolatry.
Not to mention the language.
PG for mild and brief profanity my foot. 
It may have been mild, 
(Hell was the interjection of choice for the most part, and when that didn't quite fit they said d***)
but it was certainly not brief. They also misused the Lord's Name at least once.
Modesty wise there were a few trashy lizards and the aforementioned naked Barbie half.
The entire movie was laced with several crude remarks.
 (We're not talking typical Shrek humor.)
And besides all that parts of the movie were just weird.

I don't think I would have watched the whole movie had I not been washing dishes while I watched it.
It was annoying, constantly having my ears assaulted.
And it really wasn't all that funny, either.
I don't want to watch it again, and the rest of my family won't be watching it. 
The best part was definitely the Mexican owls.
Overall I'd give it two stars.