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Friday, August 5, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet

"A little adventure goes a lawn way.."

There's nothing like a tragic romance, is there?
And Shakespeare definitely seemed to know how to pull them off..
I always hated that guy..
Especially in the new movie, 
Gnomeo and Juliet. 
He was such a rude statue! 
Always like "I told you so!"
Anyway, I watched the movie last night,
 and it couldn't have been cuter.
Gnomeo is a total zealot, 
and Juliet should have been a ninja gnome.
They meet, fall in love, are told
"Your love is doomed, your love is dead."
by Juliet's best friend (who thinks it is all positively romantic.) So they sneak off together and decide to run away until they get caught, chased by a crazy fat gnome on a lawn mower, Gnomeo gets smashed, and Juliet gets glued down. 
And then all of them get terminated. 
And then they all live happily ever after. 
Seriously! See, there is this thing called glue...

I'm not an advocate for sneaking behind parents' backs with a relationship by any means. So that's obviously a downer. 
In my opinion forbidden love is only romantic to people who are not forbidden to love. 
(Which is why the real Romeo and Juliet annoys me so much. I mean really, you put them through the pain of not being able to be together with their parents blessing, and then you kill them. What were you thinking, Willie??)
Other than that the movie was awesome. No cussing, no blaspheme, and as they're gnomes, no immodest dressing. Well..  
Except this one male gnome in a speedo was kind of disturbingly ick.
Another ick is the music which is preformed by Elton John and Lady Gaga. Yeah, I don't like either of them, so that was a kind of fail. Crocodile Rock is my little brother's favorite song, so at least he enjoyed it.

The pink flamingo was very cool. He may have been my favorite character. After Gnomeo, of course. 
I do recommend this movie. I found it adorable. (Though, it was a tad hard to get into at first, it caught my attention pretty quickly.) I would definitely see the movie again. In fact, I plan on buying it eventually. 
Overall I'd give it 
Five out of five stars 
5 out of 5 Stars!

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