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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Dolly

This movie is severely lacking in tag lines.

I have decided that if I am ever widowed without children, 
I am going to be the next Dolly Levi. 
Minus the crazy attempt to marry the grumpy guy from New York. 
(I can't handle New York accents. I am sorry.)
The lovely and vivacious Dolly has absolutely everything under control. Even if she doesn't have everything under control, she has everything under control. Which is why the desperate young couple, Ermengarde and Ambrose, as well as my two favorite characters, Cornelius and Barnaby, take Dolly's advice and just leave everything to her..
Which results in Cornelius and Barnaby losing their jobs and almost getting arrested. 
Ermehgarde and Ambrose don't seem to fare much better. 
But, leave it to Dolly to have everything work out swimmingly in the end. A little dining, a little dancing, and a good friend who happens to own a fantabulous restaurant are all it takes for this fast talking diva to create a happily ever after for everyone.
Yes. She is my hero.

Ok, ok, she's not my hero. 
But her ability to talk her way out of any awkward situation is a skill that has always amazed me. Of course, with Dolly, it is not uncommon to throw out the occasional lie to help unawkwardize whatever situation it may be. 
(Like one of my favorite parts when Irene's hat shop is "crawling with men!") 
She knows what she is about when it comes to flattering her coloring with her dresses. That purple number she wears was perfection. The famous sparkled gown she wears for the namesake song is rather lowcut. As far as language goes, I wouldn't exactly quote Mr. Vandergelder on twitter. Nothing too serious, but enough to catch my attention.

Hello Dolly is most definitely a classic. 
And why shouldn't it be? Fabulous dancing and singing, which is only to be expected with Gene Kelly 
as the director. 
The movie is positively charming. The storyline is engaging, despite, as my mother said, the characters singing every other line. But, hey, it's a musical. 
And I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I am currently looking for a copy to buy, and give this movie 5stars.
5 out of 5 Stars!

Just saying, my favorite part was the scene where Dolly teaches "28 and 3/4 to dance."

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