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Monday, August 15, 2011


This movie also lacks a tagline.

I watched Rango on Friday night. 
Normally I like to review the movie right after I see it, so I don't forget anything, but I don't think I will have to worry about that with Rango. 
Rango is about a lizard who doesn't seem to have a name or know who he is; therefore he's an actor. His only friends are a wind-up fish, a half of a naked Barbie, and a dead bug.
Through an unusual series of events, the lizard finds himself in a little town called Dirt. This is a fairly normal western town, complete with a pompous little banker, a power hungry mayor, and a cute female lizard with this weird habit of freezing up mid sentence. Rango goes into the town as a no-name, which is an advantage for him, because he can give himself any name he wants. Which he does. The name's Rango. Like Durango, without the Dur. 
With the new name comes a new past. He's the leanest, meanest gunslinger around. And the town people, eager for something to believe in during these hard times, fall for his story and dub him sheriff. Long story short, he fails. Miserably. And then he doesn't fail, saves the town, saves the girl, befriends a fellow legend, and lives happily ever after.
Along with the awesome owl Mariachi band.

This movie is not really family friendly. 
At all.
About half way through the movie I thought to myself
"I think I have been offended in every way possible. No, wait, there haven't been any gay plugs yet."
I thought too soon. 
And then there's all of the idolatry.
Not to mention the language.
PG for mild and brief profanity my foot. 
It may have been mild, 
(Hell was the interjection of choice for the most part, and when that didn't quite fit they said d***)
but it was certainly not brief. They also misused the Lord's Name at least once.
Modesty wise there were a few trashy lizards and the aforementioned naked Barbie half.
The entire movie was laced with several crude remarks.
 (We're not talking typical Shrek humor.)
And besides all that parts of the movie were just weird.

I don't think I would have watched the whole movie had I not been washing dishes while I watched it.
It was annoying, constantly having my ears assaulted.
And it really wasn't all that funny, either.
I don't want to watch it again, and the rest of my family won't be watching it. 
The best part was definitely the Mexican owls.
Overall I'd give it two stars.

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