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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soul Surfer

"When you come back from a loss, beat the odds, and never say never, you find a champion."

Tonight's movie confirmed two things for me:
1. I could never be a surfer,
2. Carrie Underwood can't act.
(But her singing Blessed Be Your Name was fantabulous.)
Soul Surfer is the true story of Bethany Hamilton;
the 13-year-old surfing star whose life radically changes after a shark bites off her left arm. 
That's not going to stop Bethany, however. 
As soon as her stitches are out she's back in the water.
Between harsh competition and a heartbreaking trip to Thailand,
Bethany's whole perspective on life changes, and she learns that 
"Surfing isn't the most important thing in life. Love is."

This really was an amazing movie. 
Sweet, dramatic, heart wrenching, exciting, 
all without a single profanity or blasphemy. 
Just goes to show you don't need to add
 every word in the book to make a great movie.
However, I don't recommend it as a family movie due to the severe lack of clothing. 
Seriously, she's supposed to be 13.
 I wouldn't let my 17- year- old out in her clothes,
 let alone my 13 -year- old.
Oh, and I wasn't a big fan of her sneaking out, in the middle of the night that one time, either. 
(She does seem to be repentant of it afterwards though.)

I really did love this movie. 
I laughed, I cried, 
I really didn't like Melina.. 
But even that worked out in the end. 
The movie's main verse seemed to be Philippians 4:13, 
but in my opinion, the underlying verse was Romans 8:28.
It was an excellent film, perfect for a girls only movie party,
or some other such fun.
I give it five stars.

Currently Yaya is looking for a copy to buy. 
She likes movies too. 

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