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Monday, August 1, 2011

That Thing You Do

"In every life there comes a time when that dream you dream
 becomes that thing you do."

Catchy music, 
Fabulous costumes, 
and the gorgeous Liv Tyler!
(No, I'm not talking about Lord of the Rings!)
Last night I saw a movie called That Thing You Do.
Based in the 1960's, a music group goes from playing local talent shows to being the new top singing sensation. 
(After the Beatles, of course.)
Liv Tyler is grand as the adorable costume mistress/
 girlfriend to the lead singer, Faye. 
(Lead singer who happens to be WAY to in too his music.)
Then there is the little drummer boy who loves jazz music and Faye. (He is the smart one, by the way.)
And the cute little marine who mid movie goes to Disney world with some fellow marines and never returns..
And of course, what's a good 60's rock band without the ladies man wanna be? In this case, Lenny, who can't seem to get a date to save his life. After being discovered by a local talent scout, and then turned over to a mega record industry, the boys, Faye, and their new agent
(Who sounds a whole lot like Woody the cowboy),
go on a crazy tour of state fairs, movie sets, and TV appearances. It was after that last one things started to fall apart. 
The Marine guy takes the aforementioned trip to Disney, Lenny gets married (I know, right?), Shades gets to play a duet with his favorite jazz player, and Faye gets heartbroken.

The movie was adorable. 
The costumes were modest for the most part, 
though you might want to watch out for 
the background dancers later on. 
(While nowadays they'd be considered modest, they still reveal more skin than I'd let my little brothers see.)
Language wise, I don't remember any profanities. 
(But I don't promise.)
There are a few places in which among shouts of joy and disbelief they may have misused the Lord's Name, but I honestly couldn't tell. I would play it safe and just mute it anytime someone looks like they're about to start screaming for joy.

Guy (aka Shades), had this slightly crazy way of randomly stating that he was Spartacus, and Tom Hank's wife makes an appearance as the chick that introduces Guy to his hero. Really, other than that there's not much else to say. 
I liked the movie a lot, and I would totally watch it again. 
It was kind of lame and awesome at the same time. 
And apparently it was based on a true story. 
   Overall I'd give it
 Three out of five stars.
Rated 3.0 out of 5.0
(Warning: "That Thing You Do" will be that song you sing the rest of the day.)

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