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Monday, September 5, 2011


The Next Great Fantasy

"That's the spirit - one part brave, three parts fool."
I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for fantasy. 
Princesses, dragons, swordplay, good beating evil..
All that jazz..
This movie all all of that and a bag of chips. 
Eragon's a farm boy. He likes being a farm boy. He also likes "sword" fighting with is cousin, and attempting to hunt. His life is simple, and while he wouldn't mind a bit of adventure,
 he's content to stay a farm boy for now.
Miles away however, a princess is fleeing for her life (From the wizard of an evil king) with an egg shaped rock tied to her back, and her guards being shot out behind her. And then she's surrounded, so she speaks Elvish to her rock. It disappears, and she's captured by the creepy wizard dude. 
Back to Eragon we go, and he finds the rock. Later, it hatches because it is indeed an egg. 
It's an adorable blue dragon. She grows up, and apparently she and Eragon can read each other's minds and therefore can communicate. Now he just has to learn to ride her.
Enter Brom; the gnarled ex-dragon rider who becomes a very dear friend to Eragon.
(Spoiler: Don't get too attached, he dies.) 
Eragon now has to find the Varden (The rebellion against the evil king) on his own.
Well, on his own along with his dragon, the newly rescued (and recently poisoned) princess, and a cute little archer named Murtagh. Once they find them they quickly are found by the evil king and there is an epic battle. The movie ends I suppose like the book does. (I've yet to read the books.)

The movie was pretty good. No language, and not really any immodesty. However, there was a whole lot of sorcery, witchcraft, and such. It seemed to be a big part of the story, and not just a side thing. It was hard to watch. 

I liked Arya. And I liked Eragon. 
I thought Durza looked like the Wormtongue guy from Lord of the Rings. Saphira was adorable as a baby, and was quite funny as an adult dragon. Had it not been for the insane amount of sorcery, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this movie. 
However because of this issue, I can only give Eragon 
3 stars out of 5.

I most likely won't be buying this movie. 
I'll most likely will read the books though, unless they're not worth it..

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