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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Note

"There's something about the note that touches everyone."

My dad actually asked me to preview this for his ministry. 
I love Christmas dramas, so I was game!
The Note was intriguing, depressing, surprising, 
and other such things.
A devastating plane crash turns Peyton Macgruder's failing newspaper column into the paper's most popular feature, after she finds a note that seems to belong to one of the victims.
Determined to find the person the not was meant for, Macgruder takes her readers all around the country, interviewing only the surviving children of the deceased victims. Oh, and their first name must start with T.
And she's  being stalked by a big name reporter trying to steal her story. And she's being haunted by horrible memories of her husband's death and her suicide attempt, and her lost child.
Merry Christmas!

Ok, I spent the whole movie crying because I thought her suicide attempt resulted in the miscarriage of her baby, and I just wasn't able to handle that. Until the end when the serendipitous little twist makes like happy again. But still, until you learn all that, the movie's a downer. I also didn't like that the guy she ends up with is divorced. His loser of a wife left him AND turned his son against him. 
I don't blame him, I just don't like that.
I didn't notice any language.. But no subtitles = no promises. 

I liked the movie a whole lot better at the end then I did in the middle.. 
Something about it misleading me and making me very upset kind of irked me.
But I still liked the movie. It was clean, cute, and on occasion, corny. 
King was an uber flirt, and the creepy stalker dude has made me determined
 to never marry a news reporter.
The happy ending was fantabulous, and I liked all her journalistic activities. 
Newspapers have always fascinated me.
Overall I'd give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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