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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letters to Juliet

What if you had a second chance to find true love?

I finally watched Letters to Juliet!
I've been wanting to see this forever!
Ok, so this girl named Sophie is a fact checker in NYC,
(How cool is that job??)
but she wants to be a writer. She also has a fiancee that is a chef.But he didn't give her a ring because it wasn't really necessary and he's busy and all that. He does, however, take her to Italy with him for a pre-marriage honeymoon. 
Which turns out to be nothing but a food tasting adventure. Fun for him, not exactly romantic for her. 
So she decides to take the rest of the day off and do some site-seeing while he goes to look at mushrooms.
While exploring Verona, she finds Juliet's balcony, and discovers a pretty amazing thing.Attached to the wall are the letters of lovers desperate for the help of the Queen of Romance. Heartbreaks, confusion over which lover to pick, stuff like that.
As the day comes to a close, Sophie watches as a young woman removes the letters, places them in a basket, and walks off.
Curious, she follows the woman to the back of a restaurant, where she finds more women, hard at work replying to Juliet's letters. 
Juliet's Secretaries. 
(Ok, ok, THAT is the coolest job ever.)
Sophie befriends the secretaries, 
and they decide to include her in their work the next day. 
(Which is one reason Sophie's not exactly heartbroken when her fiancee leaves for a wine auction.)
So the next day Sophie manages to discover a letter that's somehow remained hidden for 50 years.
Claire is a heartbroken 15 year-old. She met and fell in love with Lorenzo, but because she wasn't sure what her parents would think, she ran away instead of marrying him.
Sophie writes back.
Enter Prince Harry. 
Charming. I meant charming. 
He's English, he's good looking, and he's mad.
His widowed grandmother, Claire, is quite determined to find her lost lover, Lorenzo, and it's all Sophie's fault. 
His grandmother says he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. He says he's a realist. Sophie says she's coming along to help find Lorenzo, and write the story of the century. 
Whether or not they find Lorenzo, and whether or not Sophie and Charlie happen to fall in love is something I shall not share.

I loved this movie, 
but it wasn't perfect. 
The negatives, while few in quantity, are great in quality. 
Obviously, not being a Christian film, the closest we got to God was the misuse of his name about every other word. 
And obviously the fact the Sophie and her fiancee 
(who has a name, I just don't remember it..)
are on a pre-marriage honeymoon isn't exactly family friendly. 
Lots of drinking going on, and Sophie had a thing  for low-cut dresses. 

Had it not been for all those negative, this possibly would have been my new favorite movie. 
Long lost love, Italy, ice cream fights, and stargazing..
Not to mention a fantabulous balcony seen in which Prince Charlie states that traveling daily across the ocean is impractical, so they're going to have to flip a coin.
(His is much more eloquent though.)
Unfortunately,because of the aforementioned negatives, I can only give Letters to Juliet two and a half stars.

If I ever get a dvd filter, I'd probably watch this movie again. A lot...
But until then, ciao.