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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sky High

"A New Class of Heroes"

It's tough being a teen.
Especially when your parents are super.
Literally, super. 
As in the bullet stopping, train out-running, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound super.
(And fly. His mom can fly.)
This is the life for 14 year old Will Stronghold.
(Cool last name, right?)
His parents are top realtors by day, and legendary super heroes, The Commander and Jet Stream, by night.
So, obviously Will's got to be pretty super himself,right?
Well, his best friend thinks so, even if he's labeled a side kick  his first day of high school. So he doesn't have his powers yet, that doesn't mean anything. It's what's inside, right?
But then he gets his powers, unintentionally acts like a jerk, 
breaks his best friend's heart, gets his dad's prized possession/ very dangerous weapon stolen, AND to top it all off, he made out with an old lady.
But no worries. 
His arch enemy, best friend, and a few other side kicks are ready to save the day.
(And did I mention Lynda Carter's in this movie?)

The movie was cute.
The kids were really funny. 
But, as typical teenagers, they didn't have the sweetest mouths.
Will takes the Lord's name in vain twice, and "sucks" is said at least three times.
Modesty wise, the movie wasn't that bad. 
I mean, for a movie about high school. Gwen wears several back revealing tops, and Jet Stream reveals waaay too much up top in her super suit.
(Seriously, you have a teenage son. Have you no shame?)
Speaking of her teenage son, child you're 14! 
What on earth are you doing kissing that much? 
Lots of kissing. 

The best part of the movie was, by far, 
Lynda Carter as Principal Powers.
She even made reference to being Wonder Woman! 
And her super power was turning into a comet. 
She's my hero. 
I love super hero movies, and out of the ones I've seen, this was the cleanest. Maybe because it's aimed at kids?
I was glad Will didn't seem to have an attitude with his parents. 
His best friend, while being madly in love with him herself, was willing to give him up if it made him happy. 
Ok, kind of... She does try to make him jealous and such, but still.. She did pretty good for a jealous female.
The movie had a strong anti-clique message which is very important for kids in public schools, I guess. 
Had it not been for the language, 
I'd have given Sky High 4 stars.
As it is though, I can only give it three.

This is the kind of movie I like to watch when I'm cleaning. 
Enough of a plot to keep me interested, but light enough so I don't have to pay attention. 
I may watch it again someday.
Have a super evening!

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